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Dr. J. Schuhmacher

Double booting, double hard booting

Intel-Chip on MSI mainboards reduces service life of connected PC-components by about half.

Description of the error: double booting, double hard booting

Consequences of this bug

Widely spread bug


In my case, it affects hardware as follows:


Test results

Since acquiring my MSI mainboard in July 2015, I have now been testing the system for 5 months:

The manufacturers' unacceptable answers

Numerous technically precise and reasoned e-mails to the German support of both companies did neither produce a satisfactory answer nor a solution to the problem.



Intel denies any existence of such behaviour / bug, treats the customer incompetently, and then suddenly stops any service and support.

Configuration of the PC

As all previous tests have shown, the configuration of hardware and software is irrelevant. The bug always occurs with this MSI board with Intel X99 chipset. Yet, I answer the notoriously recurring questions:

I usually run my PC with the following configuration:

Any other connected hardware and installed software also produces the bug double booting.


The author has been working as an IT specialist for more than 30 years with PCs (e.g. as a lecturer at an elite university) and thus understands a bit about the details criticized in this article.


As long as both companies refuse to recognize the proven bug as such and do not fix it, you should really be careful in buying such products.


Please, check your own hardware with respect to this bug and tell me, whether you can prove it on your PC as well. In this case, I need the manufacturer's name and the name of the mainboard (please, specify the exact type, ideally with a link to the landing page of the manufacturer's product of the mainboard).


Zur deutschen Version Doppeltes Booten - Intel-Chipsatz auf MSI-Motherboards reduziert die Lebensdauer der angeschlossenen PC-Komponenten um ca. die Hälfte

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